For Educators

Our Mission

Just like you, we know children are the future which is why we believe in teaching them how to manage the world sustainably. Planet Harvest Foundation is committed to helping educate K-12 students about environmentally friendly farming, hydroponics, climate change, and the value of hard work. We partner with schools and educational institutions to bring real world experiences to life.

Planet Harvest Foundation's educational Program

Educate your students using a unique SAE project.

Increase your students knowledge and experience they'll need for a career in agriculture.

Prepare students for the future of agriculture; vertical, hydroponic farming.

Teach vital topics such as the effects of climate change and our growing population on agriculture.

Recruit more students to your school or program.

Donate, sell, or eat the food your PHF farm produces.

What's included in the Planet Harvest Foundation Educational Program?

Planet Harvest Foundation Farm

  • Vertical Hydroponic farming system built out of a shipping container

  • Curriculum centered around your state's guidelines

  • Runs off solar power

  • 2200 plant capacity

  • Grow room for germination

  • Cold storage room

  • Intuitive step-by-step guide for germination through harvest

  • Easy setup process

  • An impressionable experience for young minds